Reino Hayes Becker

Reino Hayes Becker

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 2010

8/11 - Momma called me while she was in NYC and I actually interacted with her on the phone. She was so excited! And I can't wait for her to come home and pick me up from daycare! What fun!

Monday, June 28, 2010

2 years - everything from 16 months!

I have been so busy that I haven't slowed down enough to let Mommy update my blog. I get into all sorts of things now. Yesterday, I mastered being able to climb out of my crib when I am ready to GO! No more waiting on Momma or Daddy to come get me. I can crawl or "jump" out and then go open the door and find them! Usually they are in bed, or they are doing something around the house.

I am starting to say a lot more too. Momma and Daddy don't see to completely understand everything I say, but that's OK. If I say it louder and with more urgency - they finally get the picture and do what I want them to do! Remember, I control them!

I have had a lot go on since Month 16! I got to be Yoda for Halloween. I really enjoyed walking around from house to house to get candy. I got pretty good at it. Momma said I was lucky because it was a very nice night. I got to see all the neighbors before Winter hit! I didn't eat a lot of the candy because I didn't really know what it was. I am eating more real food now - but I am not a big eater, so Momma has a tough time figuring out what I like. I love Bananas! But not everyday! I'm still growing, so there is not much anyone can say!

We stayed home for Thanksgiving. Momma had been sick a lot of November, but I didn't mind b/c she stayed home with me. I would crawl up in her bed and watch TV with her. Momma and Daddy also started working on cleaning up the basement so I would have my own play room. They started painting the walls and put in a soft alphabet floor for me. Everyday I was allowed to go down there, there was something new. It was crazy! Daddy also bought me a flat screen TV. I can go downstairs, play with my cars and trains and watch the movie Cars!

Christmas came and Grandy and Grandpa Becker came back from Hilton Head. They stayed at our house for 2 weeks. It was great to spend so much time with them. I got a lot of stuff for Christmas. I didn't really know what to do with all of my toys - but I did love each and everyone one of them. When I went to take my nap, I came back downstairs and they had put a trainset in the room. I LOVED it! It also has a drawer that stores anything else I want to put in there. I also got puzzles and word games. I am not sure what Momma and Daddy think I am going to do with those when I really just want to play with transportation toys!

After Christmas, my cousins came into town from Chicago. They brought me some wooden puzzles and a blow up Bozo the clown. I had so much fun playing with them! They could really show me how to play!! They stayed for a couple of days and we all played and played. They also brought their two dogs, so I got to pretend I had a pet, or two or three!

At the beginning of January, Momma and Daddy went to Las Vegas. I had Ms. Katie and Ms. Asal stay with me. They were so much fun! They fed me and played with me and let me watch cartoons! It was a lot of fun! But I was glad when Momma and Daddy got back! It was COLD in January. So there was a lot of playing inside. Grandy was in town, so she came over a lot to play with me after daycare. We had a lot of fun. She bought me a book that I get to put stickers in and we do that every night. I have "Cars" stickers and "Thomas the Train" stickers, and stickers of horses and other animals. I also got another haircut in January. I met Mrs Weigel's daughter and she played with me at the salon. It was a lot of fun and I looked handsome after! I also found I could be VERY helpful when Momma was doing laundry. I can take everything out of the washer and throw it on the ground! And I can do the same thing with the dryer. I am actually getting good at opening the doors to the Washer and the Dryer. Sometimes I just do it to see if anyone notices! I also like to push the buttons. I don't really know what I am doing, but I like to see the shiney lights change as I push different buttons!

February - and winter continues. We stayed in a lot and sometimes we would go to dinner. My favorite place is Red Robin. I like the french fries and the onion rings. In fact, I like french fries about anywhere I go! One thing I will eat! I do love to dip them in sauces. Ketchup, ranch dressing....whatever! It drives Grandy Becker crazy that I don't eat a lot. But sometimes, I just don't feel like it! I also like tortilla chips and salsa. Momma and Daddy also bought me my very own portable DVD player. It makes it much easier for us to go to dinner. It entertains me and they get to enjoy a nice meal!

March - A few nice days started to appear and we started to get to go outside at daycare. I would be so tired by the time I got home that I would go to bed almost immediately! Of course, that fresh air was GREAT! I had forgotten what fresh air was! Momma and Daddy also got a new car. I am very good about pointing to the cars and saying "Momma's Car" or "Daddy's Car!" Momma and Daddy also took me to the park a lot. I loved going down the slide. I had to carry my cars with me everywhere. I am very good at climbing up ladders with cars in my hands! Momma thinks that this is teaching me something valuable for something later in life!

April was a big month. On Easter, The Schiers came into town and stayed with us. Sydney and Caden showed me how to hunt Easter Eggs. Caden also showed me how to climb on that big hill of dirt in the back of the yard! Now that was fun! We played outside all day and watched movies downstairs in the basement. They also played with my toys in the basement. I learned a LOT from them! Momma and Daddy took me down to Hilton Head for a week and a half. They drove all night thinking that I would sleep through it - but I had other plans! I preferred to stay awake. I really didn't want to sleep unless I was curled up in Momma's lap. So, out of the 14 hour trip - I basically watched movies all night and slept for maybe 3 or 4 hours. When we got to Hilton Head, I got to see Grandy again. I played with my cars, took Daisy for walks, went to the pool and the ocean and had a great time. My other cousin's from Boston came in and I got to play with them. Uncle Al took me to the park one day. Aunt Cathy, Elizabeth, Grandy Becker and Grandpa Becker took me to the petting zoo. We all went to the beach and I could put sand where ever I wanted! I also got to play in the ocean a little bit. I met some very nice dogs that reminded me of Akira. I got to play with Cousin Albert too. He is so big! I had a lot of fun with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins!

We had my 2 year old birthday party. I got a LOT of cars for my birthday and I got my very own cake! I took a few bites of the frosting and I was done. But it was fun having everyone sing happy birthday to me and Grandpa helped me blow out the candles. Mom and Dad got me a Hot Wheel case to put away my cars. I wasn't too interested in that. That would mean I couldn't hold my cars in my hands everywhere I go. That is what I do - hold cars in my hands everywhere I go. Momma thinks there is a skill I am going to learn from this by beting able to climb and do just about anything w/o the use of my hands because I am always using them to hold my cars. I just can't let them go!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Month 16 - More friends and family...

This month started out with a trip that I was included in. We went back to KC to go to Auntie Steph's wedding. Grandma and Grandpa Hayes came up to see me and so did Aunt Gay, Uncle Mike and Hunter. I had soooo much fun! Here is how the weekend went....

Thursday, we got up early and headed to the airport. This was like my 20 something flight - I am an old pro. We flew through Baltimore (again). I took a quick nap on that plane ride. Momma bought me some chocolate milk and a bisquit at the airport. I also had a few bites of her pizza. I basically made a MESS with the bisquit in the airport. The flight was delayed due to the toilet not working in the plane - so Momma and Daddy took turns chasing me around the airport. I liked going into the women's restroom. There were a lot of stalls and I liked to open and close the doors. But then I got nosey so when someone would go into the stall, I would start to look under it. Momma said "That's it! You are done!" So I got escorted out of the ladies room! When we got on the plane, I climbed into the seat and tried to buckle myself in. Little did I know that they didn't buy a seat for me so I had to sit on their laps! We had a very pretty woman sit by us though. As we were waiting on someone to sit by us, I would reach out and grab the pretty women that walked by. I DID discriminate! Daddy said that it's OK for a 16 month old to grab pretty women, but if I were 16 or would be much different!

I did not take a nap on this plane. But Daddy made Momma put in Finding Nemo. We watched that until the PC battery went down. Then we had about 45 minutes prior to landing - so I was all over the place in that 45 minutes! When we got to KC, I was very tired. When we got the rental car, I fell asleep. Momma said I was going to get to meet Auntie Shelley. I had seen pictures of her and I couldn't wait! Momma said that she wanted to go to Gates BBQ b/c she missed KC BBQ. We went and while we were waiting on Shelley, Momma let me ride a horse. It was so much fun! Then Auntie Shelley came in. I got a little shy at first - but I warmed right up and then I was all over her! She shared her french fries with me. Actually - I just took them off her plate and then threw some of them in her purse. One time I got a french fry that had the BBQ sauce on it and it was too spicey for me. I basically made a MESS at the restaurant - but the people that worked there was nice and said they would clean it up!

After that we went to Uncle Shahid's. I like him - he calls me "The Prince of Buffalo." I ran all around his house. He had these cool things in the floor that Momma called vents. I loved standing on them and stomping my feet. He also had these nuts on the table that I liked to put in my mouth and throw. Momma said I needed to take a nap - so she sent Daddy and I up to bed while she ran to go get stuff for the party with Shahid. I was so sleepy that the party had already started by the time I woke up. Momma woke me up so I could meet Jack. He is a little younger than me - but we had a lot of fun playing under the island in the kitchen. There were a LOT of new faces of friends that Momma and Daddy introduced me to. Shelley came and brought Jen. Sabrina was Jack's Momma. Lynn came to play with me - she said she would come to Buffalo and again to see me. Phillipe and Carole came over. Sarah and her boyfriend came by. Debbie Nye came by and Jen Auer did too. Jen has 3 kids and they just got back from Australia. Paula got home late and I had already gone to bed - but I got to play with her in the morning when we all got up.

On Friday we went to Sabrina's and I got to play with all of Elliot and Jack's toys. They have a lot of great stuff. I cried when I realized I couldn't stay, but I quickly fell asleep in the car on the way to the next destination. We went to CPK for lunch and met Momma's co-workers from Sprint - Tom and Suzy. I was a little pill at first b/c they had to wake me up, but then I got happier. I had a lot of fun tearing up the bread and putting it down momma's shirt. I even got a lot of butter on her shirt! I didn't get in too much trouble though.

After lunch we went to a place to get my first hair cut. Momma didn't want to do it - but thought it was OK b/c I had the wedding to go to. We went to a place that I got to sit in a big red car and hold cars and watch Sponge Bob. It was amazing! Momma and Daddy video taped it. I was worn out after that - so as Momma and Daddy drove us to the hotel - I fell asleep again. When I woke up - Grandma Hayes was holding me! What a great surprise! We checked in and I got to play with Grandma and Grandpa Hayes. Momma and Grandma left to go run errands and I stayed with Grandpa while Daddy took a nap. We played on the bed and looked at the pool, then we finally took a nap. After my nap we went to Margarita's for mexican food. I got to play with the guacamole and make guacamole art. Grandpa Hayes wasn't very happy about that - but Momma said it kept me quiet and it was OK for me to do it. We went back to the hotel and Aunt Gay, Uncle Mike and Hunter had arrived. I played with Hunter for a few more hours before it was time for me to go to bed.

The next morning I woke up early and Momma quickly took me over to Grandma's room. I played with Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa made me laugh hysterically! Momma, Daddy and Aunt Gay and Hunter went to go pick up Krispy Kreme's. They say they love them and I understand why. I got chocolate milk and got to have a krispy kreme doughnut. I only had a few bites - but I like them.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Month 15 - Friends and Family

I got to see a LOT of friends and family this month. The Fitzgerald family came back from their summer stay in Hilton Head on their way back to Chicago. I got to play with my cousins; Jack, Lily, Eliza and Greer. We all played in Grandpa and Grandy Becker's pool. Actually, I just hung out in the hot tub mainly. The main pool is very cold because Grandpa won't turn on the heat for us. Lily made sure that I was held on to so I wouldn't drown or get my face wet. I am still not a big fan of water. Once I get in it and relax it gets better - but it still scares me. The same weekend the Andolino's came into town, so I got to play with my first girlfriend Gabby. We had so much fun over at Uncle Alex and Auntie Kelly's. We played in the bucket that held all the beverages, I was soaking wet! I also played for a long time in the back yard with all of her toys and with the big kids as they played some game that they tossed something into a trash can. I am too little to play - but I ran around and got dirty! Caleb was at the party too. Momma gave him a bite of Sugar Cookie - he really liked it. But his Daddy only let him have ONE bite, because he said it was bad. I was pretty busy running around and getting held by Mr and Mrs P and others that were helping keep me under control. It was a LOT of fun. Momma and Daddy had a party to go to that weekend, so I was babysat by Erica. She was pretty and just my type! Dark hair, dark skin...YUM! Momma left for another business trip on Sunday, so Daddy and I went for a boyz lunch with Uncle Mike and Pete, then we went back to play with the Fitzgerald cousins at Grandpa and Grandy's. Another whole day of the pool. They kept feeding me crackers, ham and cheese, I really liked that!

Daddy and I had our boy time until Momma got back. Then the Good's came to Buffalo to visit and I got to see my cousins Albert and Elizabeth. They came over to our house and played with me and all of my toys. I really like cousin Albert. He is so big and I loved looking up at him. Elizabeth was a lot of fun too. She liked to play with me and she also helped me in the pool when we were at Grandy Becker's. Momma and Daddy went to another party on Friday and I was babysat by Bridgett again. I like her too. She is so pretty and nice. Again - she is MY type!

Momma was home for a full week, then her and Daddy went to Colorado for a meeting. Auntie Danielle came over to stay with me. She is also very pretty. We had so much fun. She played with me, she took me shopping, she took me to her parents house and they fed me corn on the cob. I also liked to show them all of my tricks. I showed them where my body parts were and I showed them what I can do. They really thought I was funny. And I do like to perform. She took me to daycare, but picked me up every night and fed me, played with me and helped me with my words. I got an ear infection and a high fever on Tuesday, so she had to stay home with me on Wednesday morning. Grandy Becker and Greer came over to watch me that afternoon before Momma and Daddy got home. I was so sick. I played with Greer a little bit, but I just wanted a car in each hand, my blankie and I laid down on the couch with Grandma. Auntie Trish came over to check my temp b/c Grandy was worried about me. I had 104.4 temp. The Dr called and said if it goes to 105, I needed to go to the ER. Momma and Daddy finally got back around 10:30 and Momma and I cuddled on the couch all night. I was excited to see them, but all I wanted was to be held. Momma had to keep me home the next two days. We went to the Dr and found out that I had an ear infection. I mainly slept for the next 3 days until I started to feel better.

On Sunday I finally got better, so Momma took me in the stroller. It was a really hot day and after 5 miles, Daddy had to come pick us up. I was sweating! I took a long nap that afternoon, then we met Grandpa and Grandy Becker at the Erie County fair. I had never been to anything like this. I got to see cows, pigs, sheep, goats, a zebra, a camel, and lots of other animals. Some didn't smell so well, but it was fun to see them. I was riding in my new red wagon that Grandy got me for my birthday. It was a lot better than a stroller. Daddy let me try french fries, a root beer float, fried dough and I don't know what else. I also got to ride on the carosel, but I wanted to ride the roller coaster. That looked much more interesting. Momma said I was too small - but next year - they need to watch out!

Oh - I found my shadow this month. Momma and I were outside after work and there was something black that kept following me. Momma said it was my shadow. She seemed to have one too. I'm not quite sure I understand it all yet - but I am keeping my eye on that Shadow!

Momma says that one of the "cute" (or not so cute) things I do every day at day care is when Momma or Daddy come to pick me up - I run to the gym and start playing again. They have to chase me down and then I throw a fit b/c I really want to play! Miss Heather and Miss Michelle at daycare think that I am sooo smart b/c I know how to get to the gym. I lead the pack. I also help put things away. Miss Heather loves when I am the last one at daycare with her b/c I help put all the toys away and if she doesn't put them in the right space, I rearrange them so they are in the right place! We have had so much fun at daycare with the artwork and other projects. We are busy all of the time. And I am not in a crib anymore - I am on a mat for naptime. I don't know why that is such a big deal - but everyone seems very proud of me! Grandy Becker also bought me a book "The little engine that could" Momma makes noises when we read the book "Choo, choo, chuga, chuga, chuga, chuga..." I make noises too - but it sounds like "Diga, diga, diga..." Momma also makes all the animal sounds, there are elephants, donkeys, monkeys and giraffe's. We don't know what a giraffe sounds like, I guess we need to go to the zoo.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Month 14 - All my new tricks

So this month I got moved to Infant 2 at daycare...FINALLY! They let me go in there a few hours during the day when I was still with the babies and I hated to leave b/c they really have better toys. As you know, I love cars and wheels. They have toys like that. They do all sorts of fun things over there. I am usually very tired by the time I get home! I have been learning a lot this month. Momma and Daddy are working with me on learning words. I can show you where my mouth and nose is. I can put my arms up and down. I can close my eyes and show you my tongue. I also like to sound like an "engine" as my Daddy says by hitting my hand over my mouth. It's a lot of fun. I can do it to Momma and Daddy too. Sometimes they say I hit them a little hard, but it is all in good fun. I can say words, but I do it on my terms. I like to say Dog, Doggy, Bubble, Mommy and Daddy. I can wave too - but again, it is on my terms. Just b/c people ask me to wave, doesn't mean I am going to. I know where my toes are too. I can wiggle them for you.

Momma traveled a lot this month again. Since Grandy was back in town, I got to spend a lot of time with her. She likes to come babysit me. We have a lot of fun together. I like to show her how I slide down my slide. I do it backwards though. I like to go down on my tummy. Momma and Daddy have even taken me to the park a few times and I really like to go down those slides too!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Month 13 - After my Birthday and Road Trip with Daddy

It's been a busy month. After my big first birthday party, Grandpa and Grandma Hayes stayed with me for a few more days. I didn't have to go to daycare b/c they spent all day with me playing. We did lots of fun things. They took me to the train store, which is Grandpa's favorite place in Buffalo, and I got to play for hours with the toy trains. I didn't want to leave! It was so much fun! Grandpa promised me that for Christmas he would get me my very own train. I can't wait!

Momma took all of us up to the outlet mall in Niagara Falls. I was ON THE MOVE! Grandpa watched me for about 5 minutes while Grandma and Mamma got food and I threw my shoes off my feet, threw Grandpa's newspaper on the floor and basically anything else I could get away with. Grandpa said he doesn't understand how women can handle more than one kid at a time b/c he thought it was hard work! Grandpa did buy me some more balls for my Thomas the Train ball pit and he did get me some more cars to play with. I liked to run my cars over Grandpa's chest. He would make sounds and it would make me laugh. Grandma was great about feeding me every meal. I tried to be good for her - but sometimes I just didn't want to eat! I was really sad when they left. They dropped me off at daycare and I saw Grandpa cry. I hope they come back!

The next weekend we went to breakfast with Mandy, Josh and Austin at the Pancake House. I liked the pancakes and I stole some of Austin's sausage. Austin wasn't too happy about me. We went to Toys are Us afterwards and I got to play with more trains. Austin and I loved playing with the trains. Momma got me some new water shoes and some new Pumas. Mandy and Josh bought me a toy organizer to put away all of my new toys I got for my birthday.

The rest of the month I worked on my walking. I could walk - but I am REALLY fast now. I can especially go fast when I get behind the Giraffe or the other push toy that the Schiers got me. I run all over the house. Momma says that it looks like my hair is on fire when I do that. And I like to scream when I do it!

Momma was traveling a lot for work this month, so Daddy and I got a lot of "man time." She went to Auntie Stephanie's bachelorette party in San Diego over Memorial Day weekend, so Daddy and I went to Philly to see Uncle Pete, Auntie Michelle and Gabby. Gabby is an older woman. She turned 2 while we were there. I had so much fun playing with her. She was very good to me and gave me her toys to play with. They had cats at their house, so we found out I am allergic to cats. I got welts all over me, but Daddy got some benedryl and tried to keep me covered up so I wouldn't be so uncomfortable. Gabby had a big birthday party. Lot's of people, food and toys. I got a lot of cuddle time from Mr and Mrs P and all the Paglia family! It was so fun! We took a ride to NJ and Gabby and I got to watch a DVD while we drove there. It really made the time fly! Daddy and I got home before Mommy got home. We met Grandy and Grandpa Becker for lunch on Memorial Day. Momma had not flown in yet. It was so good to see them. Grandy had been in Hilton Head since February! I really missed her. She gave me some books and a sweatshirt from Salty Dog. She said she would spend lots of time with me this summer. Daddy and I went to go pick up Momma at the airport. I had fun running around the airport while we were waiting on Momma to get her luggage. She brought me a big beach truck, some books and a SD onesie. She said she missed me a lot. I let Daddy tell her about all the fun we had together. I wished she could have been there - but maybe next time!

Sunday, April 19, 2009